General Instructions

General Instructions

Arterial blood collection for blood gas analysis:

Possible locations for blood sample collection.

Prepare puncture site with an appropriate antiseptic and place patient hand in right position. DO NOT PALPATE PUNCTURE AREA AFTER CLEANING.

Place the needle on MICROSET.

Remove needle shield.

Puncture artery and MICROSET sampler will automatically get filled with blood sample. Sample collection is to be finished after the second capillary tube is filled up to ¾ of its length.

Apply pressure to puncture site with dry sterile swab until bleeding stops; once clotting has occurred, apply bandage if desired.

Dispose of the used needle using an appropriate disposal device. Do not recap needle with needle shield. Recapping of needles increases the risk of needle stick injury and blood exposure.

Immediately after the needle is removed, the MICROSET should be capped (green cap) to maintain anaerobic conditions. The green cap must be removed before putting the filter to the MICROSET.

Put the filter to the MICROSET sampler before introducing the sample into the analyzer. Do not put the filter on the green cap!

Analysis should be performed as soon as possible. Sample is stable and useful for blood gas analysis within 30 minutes after collection and storage at room temperature. Cooling within this time is not required.