Micro erythrocyte sedimentation rate system for single use

Intended use:

Vacupeta is a disposable kit, used for manual speed determination of erythrocyte sedimentation rate. It may be used with whole blood samples or with EDTA treated blood samples regardless of the draw method.

Product Description:

The kit comprises of a pipette, acup and a stopper. Stand is indended for multiple use and can be ordered separately.

A pipette is manufactured of high quality polystyrene. The scale is linear - graduated from 0 mm to 150 mm, with a spacing of 1 mm, the numerical marks are set every 10 mm. There is an autozeriong stopper at the top of the pipette. Sample is prepared and mixed with anticoagulant in a Sedimas cup, which is made of polyethylene and is to be sealed with Sedimas stopper, also of polyethylene. A pipette is to be introduced into the cup by piercing the stopper, and posesses autozeroing mechanism (the blood columnn rises to 0mm automatically). Pipettes are to be put in a Sedimas stand in upward position, until the results are read out. Only a small amount of venous blood is required (0,8 ml).

Package contains 500 Sedimas pipettes, 500 Sedimas cups, 500 Sedimas stoppers and instructions for use.

Order information:


Cat. no. Product Packaging Sedimas kit à 500 kits Sedimas stand 1 pc