standardised microscopic urine analysis kit

Intended use:

URISED kit is standardized microscopic urine analysis kit. URISED kit provides all the required consumables to perform fast and accurate microscopy evaluation of urine sediment (qualitative and quantitative evaluation of different cells: leukocytes (“normal” and Sternhimer - Malbins cells), erythrocytes, epithelium cells, micro organisms and cylinders).

Product description:

Product kit contains:

1. URISED test-tube and stopper

Urised test-tube is made from polystyrene. Test-tube is intended for urine sample centrifugation. It has marks for 2,5ml, 5ml, 10ml and 12ml. Specially designed bottom of the tube collects the urine sediment during centrifugation of the sample. The bottom part of the tube is of a constant volume; special design holds the sediment within the tube while the excess liquid is easily decanted.
Urised stopper is made from polyethylene and prevent spilling of a sample during transport and manipulation.

2. Pipette tips 5-200 μl

Pipette tips are made from polypropylene and you can use them for transfer urine sediment mixed with coloring substance from the test tube to a slide chamber.

3. URISED Coloring substance (metilviolet+safranin: Sternheimer-Malbin method)

Urised coloring substance is made for coloring cells in urine sediment. URISED coloring substance should be stored at room temperature. You can use coloring substance at least 2 years (solution pH should be between 4 - 8).

4. URISED slide

Urised slide is made from Acrylic (plexi) glass and has 10 chambers. Length and width of each chamber is 9.5 mm, distance between both slides is fixed and equals 0.1 mm. Area of one chamber is then 90.25 mm2, volume in each chamber is 9.025 mm3.

5. URISED stand (special order)

Stand allows easy handling and preparation of urine samples. Durable stand is made of transparent plastic and is available at a special order.


Order information

Cat. No. Description Box URISED kit 500 tests URISED kit with yellow tips 500 tests URISED tube + stopper 500 pcs URISED tube 500 pcs URISED slide (10 measuring places) 50 slides URISED stand 1 pc