General instructions

General instructions

ESR automated analysis procedure

Mix the blood sample in a test tube (use slow turns, never shake). Place the tube upright and carefully remove the stopper.

Hold the pipette close to the rubber seal and place it into a test tube.

Push the pipette down to the very bottom of the tube. The blood column is automatically raised to zero position.

Insert the tube with a pipette into SEDIKO M10 analyser immediately after pipetting.

The measurement is completed automatically in one hour (unit reads out the boundary between erythrocytes and plasma in a pipette), and the result is retained in a memory until the next measurement at the same sampling site commences. For a more detailed instructions, consult the SEDIKO M10 instruction manual.

Used product disposal:

Do not disassemble the product after use. The pipette with together with the test tube is to be discarded and destroyed in accordance with biohazardous waste regulations.