General instructions

General instructions

ESR analysis using Sedimas kit

  1. Prepare the sample:
    • Option A: fill the cup with 0,2 ml Sodium Citrate (0,129 mol/l) and with 0,8 ml whole untreated blood.
    • Option B: fill the cup with 0,2 ml saline solution (0,154 mol/l; physiological saline) and 0,8 ml K3EDTA - treated blood.
  2. Close the cup using the Sedimas stopper and mix it carefully in 4 -5 gentle turns.
  3. Do not remove the stopper.
  4. Pierce the stopper with the pipette and penetrate straight to the bottom of the cup. The blood column will rise straight to the zero position. 
  5. Place the pupette with the cup attached into Sedimas stand. Pipettes are strictly to be placed in a vertical position.
  6. Timely read out the results after exactly one hour (read out the boundary between erythrocytes and plasma in a pipette).


  1. Handle biological samples according to approved laboratory procedures.
  2. Take care with biological samples, as these may be contaminated with infectuous diseases(use of gloves is mandatory).
  3. Pipette must be filled in full (straight to zero mark position), sample is to be homogenous and without any bubbles (ill-prepared sample may lead to inaccurate results).
  4. In case a pipette gets dropped before use it may get contaminated and is to be disposed. If the original packaging is damaged please check the kit parts are intact and clean.


Store Sedimas kit in original packaging in a dry place at room temperature, avoiding direct light. Unders these circumstances the pipettes shelf life is 5 years minimum.

Used product disposal:

Do not disassemble the product after use. The pipette with together with the cup is to be discarded and destroyed in accordance with biohazardous waste regulations.